Trends I’m Loving: Leopard Print

The only print I love more than floral print is animal print.  Leopard print to be exact.  I am obsessed and can’t get enough!  At this point, I don’t even think its worth calling it a trend anymore, considering leopard print has been ‘trending’ since 2018.  It will never go out of style!  It’s a print that has been worn for decades and is basically a staple print in every girls’ wardrobe.

Leopard may come and go, but every time it comes back, it comes back stronger and more fierce. 😉  It’s not just limited to clothing and shoes anymore.  We’re also seeing this print on scrunchies, sneakers and even nail art!

This time around, I love that this print has expanded into athleisure and active wear.  Working out is already so dreadful but changing into your fun animal print leggings to work out is more motivating!  If you needed anymore proof that animal print could be dressed up or dressed down, there it is!

For those not comfortable with wearing full on animal print clothing, you can still take part by introducing accessories.  A leopard shoe or bag both work as statement pieces and can be worn with other bold textures and colors for an overall statement look.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite leopard print items at the moment below, including clothing, shoes and accessories.  (A few of the items I already own and some are still on my wish list to buy soon!)

If you are a leopard print lover and are interested in any of the featured items, all you have to do is click the number on each product image and you will be taken directly to the product page to shop!  I can’t wait to see what looks you guys put together!


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