The Clear Bag Trend

The Clear Bag Trend

The Clear Bag Trend

The Clear Bag Trend

Wearing: ASOS Blazer | J.Crew Tee | American Eagle Mom Jeans | Forever 21 Heels + Bag | ZARA Earrings | ASOS Sunnies

Move over straw bags!  There’s a new bag taking over this summer – the clear bag.  That’s right – plastic is in.

Many clear bags were seen on the runways, from Chanel to Celine.  I wasn’t so onboard with this trend at first because I thought, do I really want people to see what’s inside my bag?!  Then again, fashion isn’t always practical. 🙂 However, I really do like this trend now and think the clear bag is a great lightweight alternative to leather bags in the summer.

I was browsing through Forever 21’s new arrivals when I saw the crossbody I’m wearing above and thought it was super cute.  I took a screenshot of the bag, sent it to my best friend and asked if I needed it.  He said “yes”, so I ordered the bag and it’s my favorite crossbody bag at the moment!  This crossbody is the perfect size for my iPhone 7+, card holder, keys, setting powder (for touch-ups!) and lipstick.  One pro I can say about this trend is that it makes it a lot easier to find things in your bag!  There’s nothing more annoying than having to dump out everything just to find one particular thing, that’s usually at the bottom of the bag.

It’s not all about the bag anymore, it’s about what’s in the bag.  Being transparent about what you are carrying is the new way to make a statement.  What you put in your bag has never been more important.  It encourages you to keep your bag clean.  Aside from my essentials, my bag always has receipts or lose change floating around. In the spring, you’ll see a ton of tissues for my allergies!

However, this trend also allows you to get creative!  If your clear bag doesn’t come with a pouch, you can use your own fun printed or colored pouch to keep makeup and/or accessories organized.  You can really have fun with what you put in your bag and what is visible to everyone else.  The other option is having your items left loosely in your bag, like I did above.  My customized phone case with one of my blog photos is the first and main thing you see in my clear bag.  The phone case itself has been a real conversation starter and is much more appealing to the eyes than my keys and other accessories behind it!

While I wish I could sport the transparent Chanel bag, it’s not in my budget at the moment.  However, I put together a few of my favorite clear bags at more affordable prices.  Shop them below!



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      June 10, 2018 / 7:20 PM

      Thank you so much! 💕

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