What I Learned During No Spend September

What I Learned During No Spend September

What I Learned During No Spend September

What I Learned During No Spend September

What I Learned During No Spend September

What I Learned During No Spend September

Wearing: Topshop Jumpsuit | ZARA Boots (similar here and here) | Zadig & Voltaire Clutch | Quay Australia Sunnies

Happy October!  My No Spend September finally came to an end and I am glad its over! It was tough but definitely necessary.  Overall, I do have a better understanding of my spending and I am confident that I will be more responsible and disciplined going forward.

I am happy to say that I am back on track with bringing both my breakfast and lunch to work everyday.  I was really consistent before the summer and then fell off for a bit.  I’ve always brought both meals to work for as long as I could remember, just because spending that money daily in the city quickly adds up!  Lunch alone can range from $13-$18 in the city, which is insane!  Aside from one day that I forgot to bring my lunch with me, I didn’t spend money on breakfast or lunch at all during the month of September!

Shopping, on the other hand, was a big of a struggle in the beginning. Going from shopping practically weekly to cutting off shopping cold turkey was tough.  I did make three purchases at the beginning of September. 🙁  However, it did get easier throughout the month.  Not having any shopping apps on my phone or feeling the need to browse was very helpful in keeping me focused.  I learned that a lot of my purchases were wants, not needs.

Whenever I would see something that I fell in love with, I always thought that I needed it, which isn’t the best approach to shopping.  Sometimes I would buy things just to buy them or I would buy them for a future trip or event.  I most likely wouldn’t end up wearing them so I would sell them on my Poshmark or donate them.

However, I am now making smarter choices when it comes to shopping. Evaluating what I really need vs. what I want has been helpful.  Since I sell a lot on my Poshmark, the number of clothes, shoes and accessories that I own have decreased significantly over the past year.  While I do need to rebuild my fall/winter wardrobe, I know that I need to do in a smart and moderate way. I don’t need to buy every single thing that I see.  I do know that I need to invest in key pieces (sweaters, blazers, booties, cold weather boots).  I know where I can get good deals on basics and also know to wait for upcoming sales, like Black Friday and end of season sales.

Not spending so frequently made me think more about budgeting monthly and for the near future.  I’m already thinking about Christmas shopping and budgeting for my best friend’s upcoming birthday trip.  I’m honestly already planning outfits in my mind so I don’t spend a ton of money on new clothes when a) I’m most likely going to be a in bikini 85% of the time, b) I have a few pieces that I didn’t wear in the summer or in Tulum and c) that’s money that could be put aside for the trip!

Will I ever completely stop shopping?  Probably not.  I will still shop every now and then and will probably have the occasional impulse buy.  However, my shopping behavior is not like what it was before I did this challenge.  I am more conscious about my purchases and what’s going into my closet.  I view shopping differently and I know I will make better spending choices going forward.

We’re close to the end of October and aside from a few skincare replenishment purchases and groceries, I have not spent nearly as much as I have in previous months this year!  This challenge was a real eye opener and if you have contemplated doing a month of no spending or shopping, I definitely recommend it!



  1. Vicki zayas
    October 29, 2019 / 1:41 AM

    I did enjoy reading about you it’ was very inspiring about how you changed your way of shopping good for you …,

  2. November 16, 2019 / 6:09 PM

    Great Post! I honestly need a no spend November lol

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