Why I Decided to Rebrand.. Again

Why I Decided to Rebrand.. Again

Why I Decided to Rebrand.. Again

Why I Decided to Rebrand.. Again

Why I Decided to Rebrand.. Again

Why I Decided to Rebrand.. Again

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Welcome (again) to the new Humidity is the Enemy!

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’re probably thinking, didn’t you just revamp your blog?  Well, let’s rewind back to last summer..

Last summer, I was feeling really unmotivated, discouraged and even thought about shutting down Humidity is the Enemy.  Yeah, I had a moment.  I think every blogger does at some point, where you question if blogging is even worth it.  Instead of completely pulling the plug, I decided to re-brand.  It was time.

First of all, I hated my theme.  I had a free WordPress theme that was so basic and while easy to navigate, it just looked like another website.  It was minimal but not the most visually appealing.  Secondly, I wasn’t achieving my original vision.  Before I started my blog, I knew what I wanted it to look like and a little over a year in, it wasn’t close to what I imagined.  At the time, my mother was taking my photos for my blog.  Not to discredit her because she did take some really good photos and did get better over time, but she didn’t have a photographer’s eye.  I needed someone who could make my vision come to life behind the lense.

So, I purchased a new theme (the one I had before this one) and started having friends with good cameras take my photos.  Last September, I went live with the new theme and new images.  I was so pleased with how it all came together.  My blog felt so fresh and elevated, like the Humidity is the Enemy that I wanted it to be.  The new theme and images really represented me.  My vision came to life.

hy I Decided to Rebrand.. Again

Once that new theme was up, I was consistently motivated and brainstorming new content ideas.  Every photoshoot was getting better and better.  I loved the content I was producing.  More brands started reaching out to me to collaborate.  Rebranding was the best decision I made.

However, for the past two months, I felt like that theme didn’t suit me anymore.  Like I outgrew it, very quickly.  It didn’t feel like my brand anymore.  Since I rebranded last fall, so much has changed.  This blog and I have both grown a lot and I think this second rebrand was very necessary to reflect that growth and what Humidity is the Enemy is.

When people come across my blog, I want them immediately know what Humidity is the Enemy is about.  My style is my identity.  I’m a Native New Yorker inspired by my city.  My natural hair journey and embracing my curls is becoming a big part of who I am.  I’ve been a product junkie for years and want this platform to be a go-to regarding skincare and beauty tips.  I like getting personal sometimes and sharing things about myself because I want people to know they’re not alone.  I want you to know that I’m real and my life isn’t a perfect Instagram feed but I will always produce content that I believe in.

But there’s so much more I want to talk about on here as well…

I have ideas but honestly, I’m still figuring out as I go.  I don’t think every blogger has it truly figured out when they start.  We all have a vision and thoughts but they change over time as you grow and connect with your audience and discover your purpose.  I think it’s important to rebrand as you grow and I am so happy I decided to do so again.  I hope you guys love the new Humidity is the Enemy as much as I do!


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