I don’t know about you guys but I drop my iPhone a lot – at least a handful of times a day.  And I swear, it’s not on purpose.  It either just happens to fall out of my hand or I knock it off the table accidentally.  Hence why whenever I get a new iPhone, I always purchase a tough phone case and protective screen cover either at the AT&T Store or beforehand.  I don’t even trust myself enough to walk out of the store with a brand new phone without it being protected.  For those of you who keep your phone in perfect condition without a case, I truly salute you.

I was in the market for a new phone case as my clear case wasn’t as clear as it was when I got it a year ago.  CaseApp’s timing for a collaboration couldn’t be anymore perfect!  CaseApp is a website where you can purchase already designed or custom phone cases and laptop skins.

Smartphone case options are available for all iPhones (iPhone 4 – iPhone X) and Samsungs (Galaxy S3 – S8).  CaseApp offers two types of finishes – matte and glossy.  They use a four color printing process to achieve the best resolution and color reproduction for even printing throughout.  In addition, they offer regular and extra protection tough cases.  The regular case is a slim fit design that protects phone from scratches and light falls.  The extra protection case actually has two layers.  The lower layer is a shock-absorbing silicone for people like me who drop their phone often and on hard surfaces/floors.  The top layer is the custom print of the high quality, hardshell plastic.

CaseApp has pages and pages of designs they have created, while also providing the option to customize your own phone case.  You can upload any picture you want and scale it to the case.  You can also add text, a background color and clip art.  The opportunities are endless!


I decided to design my own phone case because the choices were so overwhelming and I couldn’t just choose one.  I used an image from one of my previous blog posts and added my blog name towards the bottom.  I went with a matte finish and extra protection tough case.  Guys, the print quality is amazing!  I have to admit, when I completed my order, I was worried that the image wouldn’t look as good as it did when I uploaded it.  However, the quality of the image on my case mimics the quality on my laptop.  I am SO happy with how the design came out.


CaseApp also has a ton of skin designs for Macbooks, iPads, and smartphones as well.  The skins are adhesive stickers that are printed on a thin, unique material using the same printing process as for phone cases.  In addition, they use a matte laminate to protect the skin from wear and tear over time.  The skins protect your laptop from scratches and adds a personal touch without the bulk of a case.  CaseApp says they are easy to remove and do not leave a residue upon removal.  I have not taken off my Macbook skin yet, as I just put it on a few days ago.  The adhesive did not feel really sticky like a glue so I do see it being very easy to remove without residue being left behind.


For my laptop skin, I chose the CaseApp Salmon Leaves skin design.  I have always had bold Macbook cases and wanted something a little more calmer this time around.  This skin makes me so happy.  You can also follow the same steps as phone case customization to design your own laptop or phone skin.  I love my new laptop skin and phone case.  The quality of the products is amazing and I will continue to purchase from CaseApp in the future!


If I haven’t sold you on a phone case or laptop skin yet…

I have teamed up with CaseApp to give you 20% off your order!  Check out using code ‘HUMIDITY20‘ to purchase a CaseApp design or create your own!  This code expires 02/23/2018 so what are you waiting for!?  Head over to the CaseApp website ASAP and treat yourself! 🙂


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  1. Vicki
    February 15, 2018 / 9:05 PM

    I love your phone card and your laptop cover it’s cool to .,,,

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