Natural Hair Journey: Six Months

After the feedback I got on my post about the first three months of my natural hair journey, I decided that I would continue these updates every three months for the first year.  If you haven’t read the beginning of my natural hair journey, check out the post here!

I can’t believe it’s already six months since I’ve started this journey!  If there’s anything I’ve learned in these past six months, it’s patience.  Patience is key when transitioning.  The hair transition is a process and your curls won’t revert back to their natural pattern overnight.  We all have an end hair goal that we want to achieve and the steps we take now will help our hair long term.  My end goal is to get as close to my original curl pattern as I can and continue to maintain my hair’s health.

In the last few months, my curls grew A LOT!  I started taking hair vitamins again as my hair grows very slowly on its own.  I started taking the Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies twice daily.  These gummies are strawberry flavored and taste amazing!  If they weren’t vitamins with a recommended daily dosage, I would eat all of them in a day.  They are seriously that yummy!  I know a lot of girls dread swallowing large vitamins so I definitely recommend these gummies!  They are chewable, tasty and really help your hair and nails grow quickly!  Keep reading to see how I’ve been approaching wash day, styling and all the deets on my new haircut!

Natural Hair Journey: Six Months

Wash Day:

When it comes to wash day, I have not used a shampoo on my curls in the past six months.  I have been skipping the shampoo step and only co-washing.  If you’re not familiar with co-washing, it basically means “conditioner only washing.”  While shampoos were created to thoroughly cleanse the hair, shampoos can also strip the hair of natural oils and moisture.  I don’t think I’ve ever used a shampoo that left my hair feeling moisturized.  I would always rely on my conditioner to hydrate my hair again.  When I got my first DevaCut last summer, Jessica told me that my hair needed more moisture and since I have been only co-washing, I’ve noticed both my hair and scalp retaining more moisture.  My scalp is no longer dry as it used to be and my curls are much more smoother.  Many curly hair product lines have co-washes, including DevaCurl, Palmer’s and Design Essentials.

When I co-wash, I coat my hair with a good amount of product.  I make sure to massage my scalp with it and I also try to finger detangle as much as I can to really but when I come across a big tangle that needs a little more help, I use a Denman brush.  The Denman brush is a life saver if finger detangling is not for you.  This brush makes detangling a breeze and really defines curls.  I totally recommend it!

Since I am not using a shampoo, I still need to use a product to clean my scalp at least twice a month and make sure there is no build up from product.  I have been using the DevaCurl Buildup Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum or dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse , which have both been doing a good job with cleansing my scalp.  After I use one of these products on my scalp, I make sure to condition after to again moisturize my hair.

In addition, I have been deep conditioning or using a hair mask at least one a week, which I notice has also been improving my hair’s health.  My favorite leave-in conditioners at the moment are the Palmer’s Olive Oil and Coconut Oil Leave-In Conditioner packets.  I rotate between the two and usually leave them on over night.  I then wash it out in the morning and then go on to styling my hair.


I always style my hair as soon as I get out of the shower when it’s still very wet and I use 2-3 products for my curly cocktail.  Sometimes while in the shower, I have been applying a True by Made Beautiful Leave In Conditioner, which is a really light leave-in.  Then, when I come out of the shower, I style my hair with a curling cream and a gel.

I usually part my hair in sections and then rake the products through my hair, starting from the bottom of my hair up to the top.  I’m also scrunching my hair throughout the styling process.  When I first got my DevaCut, I was diffusing everyday, using the Curly Co Collapsible Hair Diffuser.  As my hair grew longer, I got more lazier!  I started diffusing less or sometimes not at all and have done more air drying or even sitting in front of my fan! LOL!  Sometimes I’ll take the diffuser piece off and use my blower to blow cool heat all over to help dry my hair quicker, especially if I’m in a rush and it’s cold out.  Never leave the house with wet hair in the winter!

Many of you have asked me how I get my hair to be so voluminous.  It’s a mixture of the products I style my curls with along with using a hair pick.  There are wood, plastic and metal picks.  I read that metal picks are better on curly hair than plastic.  I have also seen girls on YouTube that use both.  I guess it just depends on which pick works better for your hair type!  I use a metal pick at the root of my hair and it has not hurt or broken my hair.  It gives me just the right lift for the volume I want to achieve.

Natural Hair Journey: Six Months

Natural Hair Journey: Six Months


My monthly CurlBox subscriptions have been introducing me to great brands and products that not only my hair is loving, but my pockets are loving too!  I am currently using products from Palmer’s Olive Oil Line, Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Line and Creme of Nature Coconut Milk Line.  I use 3-4 products from each line – a co-wash (if they have one), a leave-in conditioner and styling products (curling cream, gel, mousse, etc.)

I like switching between products just so my hair doesn’t get used to them and they stop working.  I also like that these products work well together because that’s something I’ve learned is important as well.  Finding products that work well together for your curly cocktail.  Sometimes you may like a conditioner from a brand but may not like their gel. So then you need to find another gel that does what it needs to do but also works well with other products that you style your hair with.

I will be writing an additional post very soon sharing all of the curly products I use from each line, why I like the product, how I use them to style my hair, and more so stay tuned! 😉

The Mona Cut:

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know I recently got my second curly hair cut! 🙂 I did not go back to Devachan this time around.  I don’t have anything against the salon, my stylist or their products.  I loved Jessica, I love DevaCurl products and I probably will go back for a hair cut in the future.  However, I stumbled upon Mona’s Instagram a few months ago and I fell in love with her cutting technique.  I knew how I wanted to cut my hair this time around and some of her clients’ cuts that she posted definitely spoke to me.  She cuts, styles and creates amazing silhouettes for each hair type based on your hair needs and hair end goal.

Mona (Instagram: @TheMonaCut) has been a hair stylist for years but has been focusing solely on curls for the past two and a half years.  She understands that curly hair has not always been accepted in some culture’s households and girls were taught not to love their hair at a young age.  She’s found her niche with curly hair and is helping girls and woman embrace their natural hair.  Whenever I meet a new stylist, I love hearing why they chose styling or how they got into hair and her story really touched me.  She truly loves what she does and she’s making a impact in this industry.

When I sat down in Mona’s chair, I gave her a quick synopsis on my hair’s history – what it’s been through, how long I’ve been natural, etc.  I already knew how I wanted to cut my hair.  My hair grew a lot since my first cut and I was way overdue for a second curly cut.  My bangs and layers grew out and my hair was just big!  I needed some serious shaping!  I had my inspo pics on my phone and showed Mona what kind of cut I wanted.  She agreed immediately and said, ‘That is exactly what you hair needs.’  I also told her I wanted more volume at my roots and once we cut my ends that were weighing my hair down, she said I would have instant volume.  I was excited to go short and told her to cut as much as was needed because it will grow back anyway.

Natural Hair Journey: Six Months

Lord, there was SO much hair on the floor!  At least 90% of my ombre color is gone and a lot of my lifeless curls that were weighing my hair down were cut off as well.  I am SO obsessed with my fro!  Mona truly blessed my hair and I feel so on track with reaching my hair end goal.  My hair is so voluminous now and I love it!  Finger detangling is a breeze and now that my hair is shorter, I am not using as much product as I was when it was longer.  My curls are so easy to manage and they require very little touch up in the morning.  I take off my head scarf, shake and fluff my curls a bit and I’m good to go!

It’s been two weeks since my cut and my hair looks and feels it’s healthiest it’s been in a while.  I notice my curls getting tighter every time I wash my hair.  My family has also noticed it as well. 🙂

Natural Hair Journey: Six Months

Mona said as long as I keep using leave-in conditioners and stay away from straightening my hair, my transition process will go really smooth.  After I straightened my hair for a photo shoot in December, I honestly don’t have a desire to blow dry my hair anymore.  I am so focused on transitioning and embracing my natural curls.

However, now that my ombre color is gone, I am itching for some color!  A few of my friends miss me being blonde but I’m definitely not going to cross that bridge until I get my curls as healthy as possible.  I also need to find a way to go blonde without damaging my hair again.  I am thinking of doing another glaze on my hair which is what I did when I went back to being a brunette.  It’s a permanent-temporary color that isn’t harsh as a regular dye.  I’m not sure what I want to yet but I definitely want some color by the spring.  I hope you guys are enjoying these updates and I can’t wait to see what my curls looks like three more months from now! 🙂

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    Love this post and your hair! You’ve got a follow from me on your blog and Instagram. Keep up the great work.

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